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FAQs & Key Contacts

Key Contact Information

Team Leader Contact Information
Call the main Shepard number at (847) 948-0620 and the extension listed
6 White: Sara Ball, x
6 Red: Julie Andrews, x5128
7 White: Mallory Weber, x
7 Red: Ann Blythe, x5107
8 White: David Komie, x5118
8 Red: Todd Hyde, x5161
Practical Arts: Jon Wolfe, x5121
World Language/iCoach/Library: Nicole Tye, x
Physical Education: Steve Brown, x5155
Special Education: Lynn Dreyfuss, x5137 

Absence Reporting
Call the school nurse, Cheryl Farrar, x5103 or email shepardattendance@dps109.org by 8:00am.

Social-Emotional Support
Shepard staffs a full-time social worker (Alison Chroman), guidance counselor (Lisa Markarian), and psychologist (Meredith McDermott). Parents are welcome to contact any/all with questions or concerns directly.

Communication at Shepard

There are two primary means that the school uses to connect with families and students.  

Parents receive the Shepard News & Notes newsletter. News and Notes is emailed to parents from the principal and include updates on a variety of topics/information. A link to all archived News & Notes communications is included at the bottom of each News & Notes edition.

Students receive information about upcoming clubs, activities, and other events twice daily over the PA. These announcements are also posted on the Shepard website in the “News & Announcements” section. Parents can subscribe to receive updates via email by following the directions on the website.

Contacting Shepard with Concerns
If you have a question or concern, you are always welcome to contact an administrator.  However, the vast majority of concerns are best addressed between the parent and the teacher. If possible, please contact the teacher first before elevating your concern to school administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for School

Should my child put together his/her materials prior to the first day of school?
If your child wants to unpack his/her school supplies prior to the first day of school, he/she is welcome to do so.  However, organizing binders/folders/supplies is an activity teachers will take students through during the first week of school.  Each grade level has unique organizational needs and the teachers will explain these in detail the first week of school.

What medical forms/information must I turn in to the school?
Find detailed information about required medical forms/information here.

What should 6th grade students expect the first week of school?
Coming soon!


What are the drop off/pick up procedures at Shepard?
Please do your part to ensure a smooth drop off and pick up pattern at Shepard! Please view this aerial map for a visual of drop off procedures. Remember that traffic in and out of Shepard moves one direction. You will approach Shepard moving south in a single file line on Grove Avenue and exit to the east on Poplar Lane. Do not park and exit your car while on Grove, in front of the school, or on Poplar. If you must exit your vehicle, you need to park in the main lot–the Buildings & Grounds lot is not open to parents.

During pick up, please be kind to our neighbors. Do not park in front of driveways and refrain from making 3-point turns in the street or in our neighbors driveways to head north on Grove. Not only do our neighbors frequently complain about their driveways being used for this purpose, this presents a safety risk to our students.

Please respect all traffic signs and stay off your cell phone. You will see your three building administrators out and about in yellow vests welcoming students and directing traffic. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. Bottom line – obey the rules, be patient, and keep moving!

Can my child ride a friend’s bus home from school?
Yes, but only if your child is normally a rider.  If you want your child to take a different bus home, please send them with a note to the office indicating their normal bus route and the route they would like to ride home for the day.


What fees are paid through the PTSO and what is paid to the District?
Any fees assigned by the District, including the school’s required and optional incidental fees, are viewable and payable in your Family Access account. If you need assistance with Family Access or have questions about a District fee, please contact Cathy Kedjidjian.

The PTSO manages a number of opportunities that, while not required, many families find helpful. You can find more information about these items here.

How do I check if I have paid a District or school fee?
Log into your Family Access account and click on Fee Management in the left navigation bar; you’ll see all the fees assessed for the current school year, and whether they have been paid or not. If you’re looking for an optional fee (such as paid bus transportation) and it’s not listed, it means that you haven’t yet added it to your account. You can view the Family Access User Guide for detailed information on how to add optional fees and how to make online payments.

How do I check if I have paid a fee through the PTSO?
To see if you have already purchased a PTSO item, please login on the Shepard PTSO page. Once you have logged in, hover over the third tab titled “My Info”–you will then see “My Orders.” Click here and all of your previous orders will be listed!

How do I order a yearbook?
You don’t order or pay for your yearbook through Family Access – you place your order right from the vendor, Walworth Yearbooks.