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Arrival/Dismissal & Attendance

What are the drop off/pick up procedures at Shepard?

Please do your part to ensure a smooth drop off and pick up pattern at Shepard! Please click to view this aerial map for a visual of drop-off procedures (or scroll to the bottom of this page). Remember that traffic in and out of Shepard moves one direction. You will approach Shepard moving south in a single file line on Grove Avenue and exit to the east on Poplar Lane. Do not park and exit your car while on Grove, in front of the school, or on Poplar. If you must exit your vehicle, you need to park in the main lot–the Buildings & Grounds lot is not open to parents.

During pick up, please be kind to our neighbors. Do not park in front of driveways and refrain from making 3-point turns in the street or in our neighbors driveways to head north on Grove. Not only do our neighbors frequently complain about their driveways being used for this purpose, this presents a safety risk to our students.

Please respect all traffic signs and stay off your cell phone. You will see your three building administrators out and about in yellow vests welcoming students and directing traffic. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. Bottom line – obey the rules, be patient, and keep moving!

Can my child ride a friend’s bus home from school? 

Yes, but only if your child is normally a rider.  If you want your child to take a different bus home, please send them with a note to the office indicating their normal bus route and the route they would like to ride home for the day. You may also email your note to Sybil Moy.

What happens if my child is tardy?

Students who arrive late are greatly disadvantaged because they miss starting the day with their peers and miss out on the instruction given at the beginning of class. This means that they are often unsettled and confused about tasks, resulting in reduced achievement, regardless of academic ability. It is also very important that students establish good routines and habits in preparation for the rest of their lives. Punctuality is a life skill that is important to develop. 

Tardiness to school will be unexcused even if a family member brings the student(s) to school. Oversleeping, missing the bus, car/traffic problems etc. are all unexcused. Tardies are excusable under the following circumstances: personal illness of student, serious illness or death in the family, a doctor/dentist/professional appointment (a note or phone call from a parent or a professional), family emergencies, and religious holidays.

School begins promptly at 8:00 am.Students are expected to be in class by 8:00am. If students are not in the classroom, they will be sent to the office for a pass. The consequences for tardiness are as follows:

  • Tardy #1: No consequence
  • Tardy #2: Warning and a phone call home
  • Tardy #3&4: Student will be assigned to the after school Reflection Room.
  • Tardy #5: Return with a family member. A family member must meet with a member of the administrative team and the student to discuss intervention measures going forward.

Please note: at the beginning of each quarter students’ tardies will be reset to zero.

Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Students can enter the building at 7:45 AM and classes begin at 8:00 AM. 

Security Procedures

Students will only be dismissed to a parent or legal guardian, or to emergency contacts designed in Family Access.

All of the exterior school doors are locked at all times during the school day, and all visitors are required to enter through the front office, sign in, and present their photo ID.  Students arriving late must go directly to the office with a parent/guardian and sign in.  All students leaving early must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

Shepard Traffic Pattern and Procedure

First page of the PDF file: Shepard_Traffic_Procedures_Map_1